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James Cunningham, Rocklin CA: CHP Academy Recruit

Fitness MD-Thank you for creating my workout plan, thank you for pushing me, thank you for holding me accountable, thank you for spending extra time with me, thank you for waking up early just to meet with me, and anything else I might have missed. Most of all thank you for caring! You helped me achieve my goal and for that I am forever grateful.

Andy Powell, Sacramento CA

I joined Fitness MD’s Fit Club in October of 2006 and I’m in the best shape of my life now!

I was 223 pounds and was tired of being unhealthy and overweight. In the early 90’s I was a marathon runner participating in marathons around the nation, most notably the Boston Marathon. I completed the Boston Marathon twice in ’93 and ’95, with a personal record time of two hours and fifty-five minutes. Soon after my marathon days, I started losing focus on health and fitness. Like so many people my career and family grew and I stopped exercising and became less aware of my health and fitness. In the beginning of 2006, I decided that enough was enough and I was going to try and “get back into the gym”. I struggled for months trying to recuperate my prior fitness level that I had attained during my marathon days. To add to the suffering my eight year old daughter couldn’t even put her arms around me to hug me. She frequently commented, “Daddy, you’re bigger than my friend’s dads”. After struggling physically and emotionally at the gym and at home, I was referred to Fitness MD’s Fit Club. After four months of the Fit Club at Fitness MD, I feel better at 43 years of age than I did when I was running marathons in the early 1990’s. At 43, nothing is more important to me than my health and my ability to be available for my daughter.

Today my daughter can hug her Daddy and I have Fitness MD and their Fit Club to thank for that! Fitness MD’s Fit Club has improved every aspect of my personal fitness. I’m faster, stronger, more confident, healthier, and best of all I feel better than I ever have. Aside from my personal fitness achievements, what really moves me in this journey is seeing the physical, mental, and emotional changes in the people who have chose to make the commitment, and change their life in this unique and un-replaceable health and fitness program by Fitness MD. I’ve made friends, lost weight, and I plan on getting back to running marathons… Thanks, Fitness MD!

Tony Hartman, Dan Gamel’s RV Center

I joined Fitness MD Fit Club program on September 1st, 2006. This day has to be by far the most life changing day in my life. As well as being my 42nd birthday, it was the day I joined and committed to the most positive life changing program I have ever experienced.

At the time I joined Fit Club I weighed 256 pounds. My life had been reduced to 10 hour days at work, 10 minutes with kids and falling asleep from pure exhaustion. I could not sit for more than 10 minutes without falling asleep. Poor eating habits, lack of any physical activity contributed to my then present state of health and mind. I joined several health clubs with all the intentions in the world to get in shape and ended up paying monthly dues to a building I visited only once or twice. Lack of motivation, lack of proper discipline and direction always led to that feeling of failure.

Mike and Dave at Fitness MD have provided a program that will guarantee you results if you desire them. At my first personal goal of 10 pounds I was hooked. The feeling of accomplishment, the excitement of achieving something that had eluded me for so many years is indescribable. Through this program I have met and exceeded my goals. I have gone from a 44 waist to a comfortable 34 waist. I have lost a total of 56 pounds and now maintain 200 lbs. without starving. The atmosphere of the classes, the comfort of working at your own ability level while working as a group, is exceptional. There is no pressure to be the best, the fastest, or the strongest. To see the people around you who have joined start to reach personal goals is rewarding as well. Through the demanding physical workouts and the professional knowledgeable dietary assistance all of this is possible.

Joining this program has by far been the most positive decision I have ever made! My wife has joined the program as well and we look forward to our classes on a daily basis. My thanks to Mike and Dave, for their continued professionalism and enthusiasm, in providing this outstanding program. If you truly want results, this is the place to be.

Victoria Rose – Weimar, CA

My journey to better health began on May 9th 2006. I was tired of being a couch potato and avoiding mirrors. Also, my best friend asked me to be a bridesmaid in her June 2007 wedding. My 40th birthday was approaching and told myself I better get with a program and soon!

I first began my training with Mike in one-on-one sessions. I promised myself I would stick to a 3-day a week program for six months. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. But, after each session I felt better and stronger. At the end of six months I had lost a total of 22.5 pounds, 18” and 15% body fat. I felt fantastic and decided to keep going with additional sessions.

In November of 2006 I joined Fit Club. I really enjoyed the workouts and found myself wanting more. Mike and David truly have a unique program that keeps people on their toes. The superior work-outs and their enthusiasm are extremely motivational. I really enjoy working out with a group of people. It is rewarding to see people progress and share in the celebration of meeting new goals.

I can’t express my gratitude enough to Mike and David for my new fitness level. As of today, I have completed a year of non-stop exercise. I have lost a total of 33 pounds and 30”. More importantly, I have an achieved new confidence level within myself.

I have become a fitness lover and plan to continue with the program well into the future. My next goal challenge is the Tri-Girl-Tri Triathlon in Napa this coming October.

If you are looking for a fitness program that incorporates fun, education and motivation into achieving results, then you will be thrilled with Mike and David!

Thank you Fitness MD!!

Richard Douglas – Rocklin, CA

I decided to join a gym after putting on a couple of pounds a year, for many years. I also had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was almost 50 years old. I was able to stop gaining weight, but wasn’t able to lose any and my blood pressure and lab results remained dangerously high. My wife saw a flyer for Fitness MD and decided to give it a try. She had great results and wanted me to join. I really didn’t want to spend the extra money on myself, but I wasn’t getting the results on my own at the gym.

I’m very glad that I made the decision to join. I’ve lost 18 pounds (current weight 152 lbs.) and now have 19% body fat at the age of 50. The weight loss is nice, but having my blood pressure and lab results come back in the healthy range was my best result. I owe it to the trainers and Fit Club at Fitness MD for keeping me motivated and for making exercise fun and exciting. I’ve made some new friends, and look forward to all the workouts. Thanks, Fitness MD.